Wyndridge Farm

Wyndridge Farm Brand Capture

The essence of Wyndridge Farm? Rustic. Elegant. Don’t forget the fun!

In the windswept hills of Pennsylvania, you’ll find historic farms that contain picturesque views of fields and orchards. Wyndridge Farm is a shining example of the natural beauty of these farms. Rustic but elegant, Wyndridge Farm has the heart of a historic Pennsylvania farm … with a fun soul that celebrates life.

Elegant + Rustic + Wynd = Wyndridge Farm

In creating the overall brand mark for the farm (the umbrella visual identity), we visited the farm and talked about what its brand was, who it was targeting and how we wanted to portray the brand in the consumer’s mind. We then gathered hundreds of images, colors, fonts, and illustrations to use as inspiration. This is very much like a mood board used to pick out colors, patterns and textures for your home or office.

Working together with the client, we pulled out different styles that they liked and worked well together. This process helped them, and us, understand their likes and dislikes because, before we started this process, they had no idea what they wanted. After the process, we had several directions to explore.

Wyndridge Farm needed an overall identity for the farm and then for its first product – a hard apple cider. We also had to take into consideration that moving forward, there would be additional flavors of cider that would need to be branded.

Wyndridge Farm is also a destination; for craft cider and beer, wine and food lovers. They also host and cater to corporate events and weddings for clientele looking for a historic, elegant farm backdrop, built and crafted by the local Amish.

The Building of a Brand

The Wyndridge Farm Brand

The Wyndridge scarf-wearing fox is more than just an icon; it’s a descriptive mark. The fox is known as an elegant, sly and crafty animal, one that visits the farm frequently for a little “fun.” This essence captures the spirit that is Wyndridge Farm, a place to visit for your own fun.

Expanding the Wyndridge Farm Brand
Into Their Line of beverages.

Crafty Cider.

The main brand concept was to change the perception of hard ciders. Currently, most hard ciders add extra sweeteners into their mix, creating a candy-like drink. Wyndridge Farm Cider uses pressed apples and yeast, creating a lighter/more refreshing cider. Because of this, instead of “Hard Cider,” we called it “Crafty Cider.” Also, the brand needed to say elegance but in a fun way. So, we portrayed the Wyndridge Fox as a tuxedo-wearing William Tell. Other animals in the same fun style were utilized for additional beverages.

6-Pack and cider label design.
Crafty cider case design.
Sales sheet design for the sales team.
Crafty cider posters and coasters.
Additional crafty cider animal illustrations.
Wyndridge Farm Brewing flagship ciders; bottle and can designs.

Wyndridge Farm Crafty Beer

Wyndridge Farm also has a line of craft beer. They started out with 3 flagship styles of beer: Laughing Crow IPA; 10 Point Ale; and Barn Dog “Chocolate Vanilla Imperial Porter.” In keeping with the use of suit-wearing animals, additional animals were illustrated to represent each flavor and style of beer.

Wyndridge Farm Brewing flagship beer labels, 6-pack carrier, and case design.
Detailed branding. From bottle crowns to tab handles
Outdoor marketing to promote Wyndridge farm craft beer

Wyndridge Farm Crafty Soda

Another beverage line being produced by Wyndridge Farm Brewing is their crafty sodas. To increase Wyndridge Farm Brewings’ demographics they decided to add sweet crafty made sodas. These beverages targeted those who were under 21 as well as those who did not drink alcoholic beverages. Our goal in designing these labels was to design a label that would attract the younger generation, but would also be enjoyed by an older crowd. To stay within the Wyndridge Farm brand, we decided to utilize a cartoon looking fox image and then dress it up in costume. A cowboy and a jester were the first two costumes.

Illustrations of Wyndridge Farm Brewing crafty soda characters.
Crafty soda label design and 4-Pack carriers.
Poster design to promote crafty soda.
6' tall displays to promote crafty sodas in retail stores and distributors.

Wyndridge Farm Wine

Wyndridge Farm Beverages rounded out their line of beverages with three different styles of wine: Crimson Red; Barnstorm Blush; and Moonlight White. For the wines, animals were once again utilized however this time a more organic feeling stylize was created and worked into the label designs.

Poster promoting the entire line of Wyndridge Farm beverages.
PR promoting Wyndridge Farm Brewing's Barn Dog.
Poster promoting an Event at Wyndridge Farm.