Real Estate Development

With nothing more than blueprints and conversation, the visual designers at abSketches created a three demential world for Wyndridge Farm®.
A world that inspired financial institutions to invest in Wyndridge Farm's concept as well as created a buzz in the community. People were asking for reservations before a shovel touched the dirt.

Rendering, Branding & Marketing

At WaltemeyerCreative, we do more than just 3D rendering, or just real estate branding and marketing; we offer you both. High-resolution renderings and well thought out marketing plans and graphic design to get you the results you require!

WaltemeyerCreative feels that 3D renderings and illustrations are more than just a method to present and demonstrate concepts through a digital art form. They are more than that, much more; they are methods of creating visions – visions of what “could be” when your idea as a developer needs a place to live “virtually” and shine. Do not assume that all stakeholders and potential investors can mentally see your vision the same way you do. Show them exactly what you are thinking in 3D.

To provide our clients with what they need to succeed, rendering services, and branded integrated marketing, abSketches and WaltemeyerCreative have decided to pull our resources, creative talents, and knowledge together and collaborate on real estate development projects. 

WaltemeyerCreative’s lead designers and marketers have over 68 years of combined experience in the creative and marketing field. We understand what you need:

  • We know how to build strong brands that will stand the test of time.
  • Design and develop websites that are logically easy to use by you and your clients.
  • Design collateral printed pieces that stand out among the competitors.
  • Strategize marketing & media campaigns that reach the correct targeted audiences.
  • Envision and develop branded signage that fits within an environment without distraction.
  • Create a social media outreach (facebook, youtube, and Instagram.) that helps you tell your story to the correct demographic.

This is what we have done for others and we did it well. We make sure we do our best to get you the results required, on budget, and on time.

The following is an examples of WaltemeyerCreative’s standard marketing research and strategic planning for community & project development:

  • The capture of short and long term goals

  • Review available resources

  • Find strengths and weaknesses

  • Marketing research

    • Competition analysis

    • Target audience perception

    • Friction points and needs

    • Current market outlook

  • Focus groups and online surveys

  • Review of price points

  • Develop timeline of pre, during and post marketing for openingThis is what we do and we do it well

Sample Marketing Plan Deliverables– Design, Print, and Fulfillment:

  • Digital ads creation and ongoing adjustments of:
    • Google AdWords
    • Banner ad programs
    • Retargeting ads
  • Social media advertisements
  • Digital influencer campaigns
  • Website development
    • Your champion clients, personal landing page development
  • Traditional ads
  • Internet videos
  • Direct mail, grand opening invitations, etc.
  • Emails to collected databases
  • Realtor relations campaign
  • Events (Hard-hat campaigns) pre, during, and post, marketing
  • Collateral
  • Champion sales brochures, complete stationery design, etc.
  • Complete signage package
  • Promotional giveaways
  • Videos and photography
  • Ongoing marketing services
  • Public relations
    • Press releases and press events
  • Marketing & creative agency services

If your current agency does not offer all of these strategies or deliverables, you need to call WaltemeyerCreative.

This tight collaboration of talents working together in tandem from the onset of each project, allows us to create enticing photo-realistic renderings, as well as well-thought-out branded marketing campaigns to entice and inspire the correct people and demographics to take action.

Whether your needs are to generate funding, gain planning permission, attract tenants, and secure high levels of exposure and foot traffic, we are here for you.

Examples of work created by our team can be seen here and also here! You can also visit abSketches’ website to see their capabilities in the following areas: 3D rendering, interactive digital, VI, as well as walkthroughs & flythroughs.

Below are the renderings abSketches did for Wyndridge Farm. Call today: 1-717-814-8136

Examples of 3D Architectural Rendering

Wyndridge Farm

Below were the first glimpses of Wyndridge Farm. Armed with the images created by our collaborating partner abSketches and branded material created by WaltemeyerCreative, Wyndridge Farm was able to get the project approved by the township and received millions of dollars for financial backing. Utilizing these 3D renderings completed by abSketches, the designers at WaltemeyerCreative were able to start creating social media pages and marketing materials for Wyndridge.  

Wyndridge Farm needed to hit the ground running once the facility opened and the brewery/cidery started production. 

We are very proud to say, Wyndridge started receiving phone calls from an excited public and “brides” months before the first shovel even touched the dirt to start the project. To see the Wyndridge Farm marketing and branding our designers created, go here!

abSketches created the 3D renderings shown above to help our designers market the Wyndridge Farm’s facility.