3D&2D Illustration

With nothing more than blueprints and conversation, the visual designers at abSketches created a three demential world for Wyndridge Farm®.
A world that inspired financial institutions to invest in our clients concept as well as created a buzz in the community. People were asking for reservations before a shovel touched the dirt.

3D Illustration

Three-dimensional illustration/design at WaltemeyerCreative is more than just showing or demonstrating concepts through a digital art form. It’s creating visions … visions of what could be if given the opportunity.  Our partner (abSketches) specializes in giving “form” and showing “function” to products and environments that do not yet exist. It is through our collaboration of talents with abSketches the world gets its first glimpse of what is possible in three dimensions.

Wyndridge Farm

Ready for a life change, the owners of Wyndridge Farm, decided to revive their 100-year-old barn and turn it into a family business, not just any business, an international destination. The owners decided they would transform their rundown barn into an event space, a state-of-the-art kitchen and restaurant, and a cidery/brewery.

The owners of Wyndridge Farm had extensive experience in building large facilities. These entrepreneurs understood the importance of utilizing impactful visual renderings to communicate their concepts. Though they also understood some stakeholders may be able to appreciate their thoughts verbally, they also understood not everyone can visualize a verbally communicated design. Wyndridge Farm did not want to take chances and assume that any potential financial institutions, the local municipality, nor the public at large, would be able to understand their “concept” without a visual representation. Getting their ideas understood and appreciated was paramount, and a 3D visual image was necessary.

Understanding what was needed, Wyndridge Farm reached out to abSketches, a 3D illustration/visual rendering team who we collaborated with on this projects, for their insight, knowledge, and experience. A meeting scheduled, and a soul searching conversation commenced. Needs and wants were listed, and the vision for the barn and the rest of the 77-acre farm discussed. With blueprints in hand, the creation began … bringing a creative concept to “virtual” reality.

Below were the first glimpses of Wyndridge Farm. Armed with these images created by abSketches, Wyndridge Farm was able to get the project approved by the township, received millions of dollars for financial backing, and started receiving phone calls from an excited public, months before the first shovel touched dirt, starting the project.

We also utilized these renderings to build awareness for the Wyndridge Farm facility, on their social social media pages as well as on their first website which was built before the facility.

abSketches created the 3D renderings shown above to help our designers market the Wyndridge Farm’s facility.

2D Illustration

In a two demotion world, we utilize mediums to tell stories and to evoke feelings and emotions. The goal is to have our illustrations expand a brand’s visual impact on the public. We want them to feel like they are a part of a brand. We do this by giving a visual experience through creative illustration and style, and therefore welcoming an emotional tie to our client’s brand.

Wyndridge Farm

At the onset of the Wyndridge Farm project, while the 3D concept renderings (shown above) were being created, a Wyndridge Farm brand was also being established – The look, feel, and mission of the entire business(s).  The final approved brand for the farm was a crafty scarf-wearing fox which was incorporated onto the silo in the 3D renderings above.

Wyndridge Farm was envisioning three distinct sub-divisions that fit under the main Wyndridge Farm brand. These three sub-division were the following: an event space, a restaurant, and three beverage lines.

One of  Wyndridge Farm’s original beverage lines would be “craft” hard ciders, and to help these products stand out among the competition, we were asked to create eye-catching labels. To help us with the creation of these labels, we relied on the established brand which was also created by our agency. The Wyndridge Farm brand was built based on three distinct adjectives: Elegant, Rustic and Fun.

To give a “fun” take on the brand for the labels, we decided to illustrate animals who do not live on a farm, but instead often visits the farm for “a little fun.” Our first animal of choice was as a fox – a “William Tell” looking fox. We felt the fox would tie in very nicely with the client’s new logo, a scarf-wearing fox, as well as highlight the base ingredient for all hard ciders – apples.

After the original illustration of the Crafty Cider fox, we used the same established style (suit-wearing animals with highlighted ingredients) to create labels for other “Wyndridge Farm Beverages” crafty cider flavors. The next illustrations were the cranberry eating cedar waxwing bird for the crafty cranberry cider, the hop nibbling rabbit for the Crafty Hopped Cider, an apricot-colored tabby cat for the Crafty Apricot Cider, and an “It’s 5 O’clock somewhere” black cherry eating squirrel for the Crafty Black Cherry Cider. Below are the watercolor and graphite illustrations that the illustrators at WaltemeyerCreative created for the Wyndridge Farm crafty cider labels.