Millersville University

Taking Education To The Next Level​

The competition between colleges is fears. Trying to increase enrolment is paramount for these institutions, and getting new students to choose their school over another is a continuing battle. For that reason, our designers, big-picture thinkers, were asked to strategize. Researched was gathered and studied – what were students and parents looking for when determining their choice of colleges? What specifics would engage high school seniors and their parents to add them to a list of new colleges to visit? After the research was gathered and understood, creative campaigns were implemented based on these action-points.

Our results of the campaigns … EXCITING!

Enrollment was up (including international submissions), in a time where all other State Universities were flat or down.

64-page brand book and launching the new brand to employees.
6,000+ page website update. Managed vendors and provided updates to the entire University through various forums.
Over 140 projects open at once. 4 Schools, department heads and offices.
New signage to expand the brand concept
Click the image above to view the video.
Click the image above to view the video.
Environmental signage for a new welcome center.